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This "Join" area is for new members only.

US MEMBERS:  IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER, but have never signed into the website, contact with your name and member number.

IPA US Section is primarily for US residents.  Non US residents should join their country's section.  If your country does not have an IPA Section you may join IPA US as a Foreign Associate Member provided we are able to determine your police status.  Members of our present FAMs, (Trinidad & Tobago, and Aruba) must be approved by the President of that region.   To determine if your country has an IPA Section, visit the "Sections" area of the international site at

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Membership is open to all law enforcement officers employed with, or retired from, a law enforcement agency. Law enforcement officer is defined as an employee of a governmental agency with a formal commission authorized by law to engage in or supervise the prevention, detection, investigation, or prosecution of, or the incarceration of any person for, any violation of law. Members of the military police do qualify for membership in the United States section. 


FOREIGN ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT:  Membership requirements are same as Regular membership.  If you are joining from Trinidad/Tobago, email for approval to join.  If you are joining from Aruba, email for approval to join.  Other countries will have be be reviewed.


ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT:  Membership is open for  non-sworn employees and volunteers (e.g., auxiliary officers, reserve officers, chaplains, support personnel) of law enforcement agencies.  Verification of agency affiliation AND POLICE AGENCY ID CARD is required. Associate Members cannot vote or hold office and are not eligible for scholarships. Some administrative areas of the web are not open to Associate Members. 


Regular Member
Active or Retired Law Enforcement
$30 Annual
Life Member
Active or Retired Law Enforcement (Permanent ID, Certificate, and lapel pin will be mailed)
$500 1 time fee
Foreign Associate
Active or Retired Law Enforcement from country other than US $30 Annual
Civilian Associate, Chaplain, Support Personnel
$30 Annual
Spouse* Spouse of Passed IPA member  Contact
$30 Annual
Spouse of a Line of Duty Death Officer  Contact No Charge

*Cannot hold office or vote at regional meetings.

MEMBERSHIP STATEMENT:  By submitting this application I declare my desire for membership in the United States Section of the International Police Association (IPA). I agree with the aims and objectives of the Association as outlined in the Statutes and Standing Rules, and that I shall conform to the Rules of the United States Section of the IPA. If accepted, I will endeavor to further the work of the Association by fulfilling the obligations of membership, and will submit my membership fee and regularly subscribe my renewal fee by January 1st of each year to remain a member in good standing. I hereby authorize the Secretary General of the United States Section of the IPA to confirm and verify my status as a bona fide Police Agent or Officer of the Agency listed above. I release any individual, organization, or agency from any and all liability incurred as a result of providing such information. 


NOTE: Please be sure to mark the proper Member Category:  Regular, Life, Foreign Associate or Associate before proceeding.   Dues are for calendar year.  Joining in Jan-Sep provides membership for the remainder of the year.  All regular & associate memberships expire Dec 31.  Joining during Oct-Dec provides 90 days grace with membership for the remainder of the calendar year and the next calendar year.

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